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Professionals in Financial Market

If you want to be a professional or full-time trader & learn the depth of institutional trading, then this course is for you. 

₹25,000 ₹50,000
  • Last Updated: July 18, 2024
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About Course


If you want to know what PIFM is,? Before that, you need to understand the differences between retail and institutional trading.

✅ First, You Need to Know How the Financial Market Works

You and I, If we are trading in the market, it is not expected to have a major effect on stock prices. We are retail traders. We trade with small amounts compared to institutional investors. Institutional investors are the market’s key players; they only influence market trends and price moments.

In derivatives markets, if someone loses, another person makes a profit, so in essence, one person’s profit is another person’s loss. If intuitional traders need to make money, retailers want to lose, so intuitional will try to manipulate the retailers as much as possible. Liquidity will play a major role in the market. Without liquidity, prices can’t move, so in the market, we need liquidity, so retail traders are the liquidity for markets. So Institution will manipulate the retailers and convert them into liquidity, making a profit; it is the hard reality in the market.

Intuitional traders will play with large sums of money; they can easily manipulate retail traders. Intuitional traders are well-versed in what we know, such as price action, trendlines, candlesticks, support and resistance, indicators, and so on. So if you learn an outdated strategy, like price action or some other strategy, you won’t be able to make consistent money in the market. Intuitional traders will know how we react to breakouts, how we place stop-loss, and how we react to the retail trading strategy, so they will know better than us how we took the trade, so they can easily manipulate that and convert our losses to their profits. 

Q: Is it possible to make consistent profits in the market?

A : Yes, but only in institutional trading.

Retail vs Institutional: you can’t make consistent profits In retail trading, retail traders are the major liquidity source for institutional traders.

🧑‍🏫 So stop learning boring retailer concepts. Instead, try learning institutional trading like Smart Money Concept and ICT.

🏆 We will teach you everything you need to know about the financial market And Institutional Trading Concepts in one course (PIFM).

PIFM : In this course, we cover only advanced technical analysis. You will learn advanced smart money concepts and ICT. 

What is Smart Money?

The essence of the Smart Money Concept Trading (SMC) approach is to identify and follow the trades of institutional investors, also known as smart money. The SMC approach believes that smart money, which includes large banks, hedge funds, and other sophisticated financial institutions, has a significant advantage over retail traders in terms of information, resources, and expertise.

Furthermore, SMC traders believe that smart money tends to move the market in its favor, and by identifying and following the trades of smart money, traders hope to increase their chances of success in the market. The SMC approach aims to understand how smart money creates market structure and supply and demand zones, and by studying these characteristics, traders can buy when smart money buys and sell when they sell, making sure they are profitable.

So, if you want to make a consistent profit in the market, you need to understand how smart money works and how institutional work

🧑‍🏫 If you have zero knowledge about the Financial market, don’t worry; this course will change you into a profitable investor or trader.

🧑‍🏫 The technical analysis is the same for all markets. If you learn SMC, you will be able to trade in any market, including the Indian stock market, forex, cryptocurrencies and commodities.

✅ For the First time in Tamil Nadu, we are offering a complete stock market solution under one roof.


✅ PIFM: If you want to be a professional or full-time trader and learn the depth of institutional trading concepts, then this course is for you. 

✅ This course provides you with massive trading knowledge. Keep in mind that this course may change your life. 

✅ The PIFM is an individual skill development mentoring program. In this program, we provide individual training and practice, which helps you improve your trading skills. Daily 30-Minute Live Classes: You can schedule your classes at your convenience.

✅ This course duration is 1 year. You can trade with confidence at the end of the third month. The remaining months: We provide mentor support and help you improve your trading skills.

✅ If you want to enroll in this PIFM course, you must first complete our MIFM course. In the MIFM Course, we teach retail trading concepts, and in the PIFM Course, we teach institutional trading concepts. You need to learn retail and institutional trading concepts, and then only you will know how institutional traders are manipulating retailers. 

✅ With this course, we will provide Level 2 Stock Screener Access for Lifetime at no cost.

⚠️ Before enrolling in our PIFM course, you must check slot availability with our team.

⚠️ We are offering only 10 slots per month in the PIFM Course.

This strategy will help you :

  1. Improving Reward per Risk ratio.
  2. Improving Win rate.
  3. Strongly believe to set limit order and take a rest.
  4. Avoid emotion in trading.
  5. Reading the market picture confidently to entry/exit/manage trade better.
  6. Able to earn real money from market. 
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Benefits of the course

  • In this course, you will learn how to use the Smart Money Concept Trading strategy to make profitable trades in Indian Stock Market and other financial assets.
  • You will learn how market structure and supply and demand zones are created by smart money and the characteristics of these zones.
  • You will understand the role of institutional investors, also known as smart money, in the market and how to identify and follow their trades.
  • We will teach you how to read financial charts and use candlesticks to identify market trends and smart money movements.
  • You will also learn risk management techniques and how to apply them to your trading strategies.

Course Content

  • Intro and Guideline
  • What Is Smart Money Concept
  • How is asset pricing changing
  • Why is liquidity important for the market?
  • Market Price Cycle
  • Market structure – CHOCH & BOS
  • Pro Trend & Counter Trend
  • What is supply and demand
  • Types of Supply and Demand
  • Imbalance / FVG
  • Premium and Discount Zone
  • Oderflow (OF) and Oderblocks (OB)
  • MTF Zone Refinement & POI
  • Multi Time Frame Analysis.
  • Inducements $$$
  • AMD Liquidity Sweep
  • Breaker Blocks & Flip Zone
  • Risk and Money Management

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Kumaresan Raja
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a full-time Trader with a collective experience of 8+ years in the Indian Stock Market With the insights I have gained over the past 8 years, I am here to take you on an intellectual and profitable journey, navigating the choppy waters of the Stock Market. With 5800+ Students already benefitting from My Structured Trading Secrets Classes, and turning an ROI of 20% to 50% every month.

₹25,000 ₹50,000
  • Lectures20
  • Skill LevelAll Levels
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Course Duration: 15h


  • An Open Mind & Willingness to Learn

Target Audience

  • A basic understanding of trading
  • Ability to read financial charts and candlesticks
  • Basic knowledge of risk management
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Professionals in Financial Market
₹25,000 ₹50,000

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